If you’ve recently purchased a Valor safe, or you’re looking to purchase one, we want you to feel confident, knowing that we value not just your safety and security, but also your peace of mind.

When purchasing a Valor safe, you can feel comfortable knowing that we offer a lifetime warranty on theft and fire. That means if your safe is damaged by a break-in or fire, we will repair or replace your safe for free. And with any safe that must be replaced, we will cover shipping and installation of your new safe, as well as, removal of the damaged safe...at no cost to you.

So what happens if my lock has an issue? Well, all Valor safes come with a 5 year warranty on the locks, but we don’t stop there...Each safe also comes with a 5 year warranty covering any manufacturer related paint or mechanical defects.

Now to take full advantage of our warranty, you need to know two main things...

First, our lifetime warranty is transferable. So if you pass your safe down to friends or family, you can also pass down the peace of mind that comes with our warranty. 

Second, for the warranty to be valid, mail-in registration MUST be completed (with proof of purchase) within 30 days of delivery.

Feel free to download a full copy of our Quick Start Guide and Warranty HERE, and see below to register your warranty or file a claim online.

Thanks for allowing Valor to provide the peace of mind you deserve, for your family and valuables.